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Welcome to the Pago software application or on the website identified with URL address: (the "Site") Accessing the Pago App (as it is defined below), this Site as well as using the services provided through the Site take place after informing you about the existence of the terms and conditions listed below (the „„Terms””) and, in case of accessing the Application, offering the possibility to expressly accept them. In the absence of this explicit or implicit acceptance from you, you may not use the Pago App and/or the Site.

These terms are meant to explain to you as clear and transparent as possible the way you may use the Pago App. As such, the document is subject to continuous modifications – we recommend you see this document with regularity, to be informed with regard to its latest updated version.

The users will be informed of the amendments to the Terms at least 14 (fourteen) days in advance of their entry into force, in accordance with section 7 of the Terms.

1. Definitions

In this document, the words in capitals will have the following meanings:

"Pago App" means the software application, over which the Company (as defined below) is the holder of rights, whereby the Users (as defined below) may make electronic payments online, to various suppliers of services, accessible for being downloaded by the Users on their mobile phones, through Apple App Store and Google Play, directly, or through the Site, by redirecting, indirectly. For the purpose of these terms, this definition will be used irrespective of the modality of accessing the Pago Application (through the Site or with the help of the mobile phone, directly from Apple App Store or Google Play);
The "Company", “We” or “our” Pago Poland Sp.Z.o.o
"Account on Third Site" means the Users’ accounts and the information found on other websites or other applications belonging to the Agreed Suppliers (as defined below), besides the Pago App, over which the Company has no right and for whose functioning the Company may not be liable. Insofar as the Application may not connect by an Account from a Third Site, we recommend you verify if the Third Party’s Site presents connection problems before contacting the Company;
"Personal Data" means any information relating to an identified or identifiable natural person; an identifiable natural person is one who can be identified, directly or indirectly, in particular by reference to an identification number or to one or more factors specific to the physical, physiological, genetic, mental, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person, according to the definition from the General Data Processing Regulation (“GDPR”);
"Agreed Supplier" means the legal entity included in the Pago App to which the Users may make payments through the functions of the Pago App. The Agreed Suppliers are uploaded in the Application insofar as the Company or any of its collaborators has a contractual relationship with them in this sense;
"User" means any natural person, over 18 (or younger provided that he/she has full legal capacity) years old who registers and uses the Pago App, accepting these terms. For the avoidance of any doubt, the Pago App is not meant for the natural persons who do not meet the conditions described in this definition and, explicitly, is not meant to the use by the minors (in the sense of the legislation applicable to a certain user);
"Usage fee" means the amount which is to be paid by the user as per section 3 below, in order to use the features, the User would like to have available in the Pago App.
2. Using and functioning of the Pago App

2.1. The Company offers the User, based on the account created by the User, access to the Pago App whereby it may pay its invoices, contributions, taxes and may make other payments to the Agreed Suppliers.

2.2. The services provided through the Pago App are meant only for Users who accept these Terms and may be used only after accepting such terms. Insofar as it is necessary, according to the legal provisions or the requests of any authority, as well as based on suspicions of fraud or damage to its systems, the Company may ask any User to prove their legitimacy as a User, by asking them to supply additional information or documents. In this situation, the Company will not process any Personal Data contained in the offered additional information / documents but for proving the legitimacy of the User.

2.3. Through the Pago App and / or the Site, the Company offers the users access to the following services:


payment of invoices to the Agreed Suppliers, by using one of the following methods:

- by configuring an Agreed Supplier as per art. 2.4 f) below;

- by scanning a bill received from a utility provider, considering they are an Agreed Supplier, without the configuration mentioned above. This method is not applicable for other suppliers which are not on the list of Agreed Suppliers, with the exception of suppliers available to Users which have activated the Premium/Unlimited versions and who have previously used the options described in art 31.3. lit. d) and 31.4. lit. d) and in these cases such payments of bills from these suppliers will only be available to these Users.

viewing the history of the payments made to the Agreed Suppliers;

2.4. In order for a User to benefit, in the best conditions, from the above-mentioned services, they must follow a certain set of steps:

downloading the Pago App from Apple App Store or Google Play, on a phone compatible with the current version of the Pago App, according to the mentions found on the page of the Pago App from Apple App Store or Google Play. Thus, the Company does not guarantee the functioning of the Pago App on any mobile device belonging to any user;
creating a User account, by filling in a form which contains the following fields: the e-mail address, name, forename, password; when filling in this form, the User is obliged to supply current, complete data; in case the form is not filled in, the natural person may not become User of the Pago App; the purpose of requiring and processing such information by the Company is described in the policy regarding the personal data processing (the “Policy”), accessible here;
as an alternative to the step described at letter b) above, the User may use their Facebook account to connect to the Application. In this situation, the Company will process the User’s name from Facebook. The Users who are interested in additional aspects regarding the connection of their Facebook account in other applications/websites, may access this link for more details;
within the process described at letter b) above, accepting the Terms and confirming that it was informed about the content of the Policy; these documents are accessible at any moment, for consultation, in the Pago App, after the finalization of the process described at letter b);
(optional, if the functionality to pay after scanning a bill as per art. 2.3. lit. a) second bullet is not used) in the case of the action indicated at letter d) above, selecting at least one Agreed Supplier from the list available in the Pago App, organized depending on the type of services offered (electricity, gas, water, sanitation, etc.) and introducing the connecting data (account name and password) which the User uses in its online account in the application / website of the Agreed Supplier;
after finalizing the action from letter e), the configuration of each consumption place afferent to each Agreed Supplier selected and connected by the User in the Pago Application, by indicating the type of place (home, parents’ home, vacation home);
introducing the payment details (number of bank account and unique password, created within the Pago App) based on which the payment of invoices are to be made. These details may be processed within the Pago App, according to the Policy accessible here;
the payment of the Usage fee, as per Section 3 below

2.5. Following the pursuit of the steps indicated above, the Company, by means of the Pago App, has access and processes certain information existing in the electronic accounts of the Users registered in the applications / sites belonging to the Agreed Suppliers. The access and the processing are made according to the provisions of the Policy, available here.

2.6. While using the Pago App, the User has the possibility to make at any time any of the following actions:

adding and erasing the Agreed Suppliers from its account;
adding a bank card (i) by using the menu Settings – My cards, or (ii) by inserting the bank card details upon the initiation of the first payment.
changing the data of the bank card used for making payments;
accessing the settings of the Pago App, wherefrom it may find out more details about the Pago App; it may send written requests or questions to the Company; it may configure the types of notifications it wants to receive from the Pago App; it may set the method for securing the payments (a numerical code or fingerprint); it may change the language in which the Pago App is displayed (Polish or English);
viewing all the invoices issued by the Agreed Suppliers, in PDF format;
changing the subscription based on which the App is used, by switching to another subscription, if it wishes to use more or fewer functionalities of the Pago App
disconnecting from the Pago App.

2.7. The User is liable for keeping safe the identification and connecting data afferent to the User’s account, to prevent or reduce the chances of the unauthorized access of the account created on the Pago App. For more information regarding this aspect, please see the Policy, accessible here.

2.8. In the situation when, while using the Pago App, the User notices any elements which could indicate the inappropriate functioning of the Pago App, it may announce this fact to the Company by an e-mail sent at the address or it may access the section “Say your opinion” from the Pago App.

2.9. The User is entirely liable for all the operations made through the Pago App. In exchange, the Company guarantees that it processes the data generated by the User within the Pago App, including the Personal Data, according to the provisions of the Policy, accessible here.

2.10. For the avoidance of any doubt, the Company is not liable for the accuracy of the information comprised in the PDF invoices available within the Pago App, belonging to the Agreed Suppliers, such as, without limiting to, the amount owed and its due date, the correct description of the consumption place or the holder of the agreement afferent to the consumption place. For any clarifications or discrepancies related to this information, the Company will direct the User to the Agreed Supplier issuing the invoice.

2.11. Insofar as the Personal Data offered by the User when filling in the registration form in the Pago App is false, inexact or incomplete, the Company, after ascertaining this fact directly or following an announcement, may cancel or suspend this account, totally or partially, or it may refuse to supply any or all services available within the Pago App, insofar as the respective Personal Data may not be rectified by the Company with the help of the User.

2.12. In any case, the Company does not process Personal Data which are not necessary for offering the services available in the Pago App, for which it did not obtain the prior express consent of the User and in relation to which it has no legitimate interest or another reason for processing.

2.13. In the history of payments afferent to each Agreed Supplier, the User may consult the situation of all invoices paid during the past 6 months, it may find out the contact data of the customer support departments of the Agreed Suppliers or it may ask for the re-transmission of a payment confirmation of any invoice, insofar as that payment was previously made with the help of the Pago App. This re-transmission is made through the User’s e-mail.

2.14. The User can pay one invoice or several invoices at the same time, up to the maximum number of payments available monthly on the active subscription. Once the maximum number of invoice payments available is reached, when the User attempts another bill payment, the app will show a message informing that the limit has been reached and suggesting the possibility to activate a subscription, along with information about the features available and the price of each subscription.

2.15. In case the User has not added a bank card to his/her account by using the menu Settings – My cards, upon the initiation of the first payment, the User will be asked for data regarding its bank card which will be subsequently saved by the payments processor used by the Company, at the relevant time. The confirmation of making the payment is visually signaled in the Pago App and by a confirmation e-mail sent to the User.

2.16. The Company does not process, by any means, the bank card of any User besides for facilitating the access to such information by the payment processor. More details in this sense may be found in the Policy available here.

2.17. We use third products for processing the payments ("Payment processors") made from your account from the Pago App. Processing the payments may be subject to the confidentiality terms, conditions and policies of the Payment processors, in addition to these Terms.

2.18. We are not liable for any error which may occur in relation with the processing of such payment. You agree to make the payment by using that payment method selected when you instruct the making of such payment.

2.19. The Company does not guarantee a certain interval of time which may lapse between any of the operating steps of the Pago App, as they are described in this section. The Company may not be held liable for the technical difficulties which might occur depending on the mobile device where the Pago App is running and the capacities of this device. The Company is interested in the Users’ feedback, as well as in signaling any issues regarding the functioning of the Pago App, which may be sent by e-mail to the address: or by means of the section “Say your opinion” from the Pago App.

3. Accessing and updating the Accounts from Third Party’s Sites

3.1. By using the Pago App and accepting the Terms, the User expressly authorizes the Company to access any of its Accounts from a Third Party’s Site, on behalf of the User, according to the provisions of the Policy, available here.

3.2. By using the Pago App, the User may automate, totally or partially, the payments it authorizes to the Agreed Suppliers. In order to optimize the use of the Pago App, so that the User may be certain that the payment amounts displayed in the Pago App are correct and complete, the Company periodically accesses and updates the information about the User available in the Accounts from Third Party’s Sites.

3.3 Besides the purpose specified at art. 3.2., the Company will not use for any other purpose the information about the User available in the Account of a Third Site.

3.4. The User understands that, insofar as the information about the User which is available in the Accounts of Third Sites are inconsistent, incomplete or inadequate, there is the possibility that the Pago App not to display correct, complete information regarding the invoices afferent to the Agreed Suppliers. For the avoidance of any doubt, The Company is not liable for any wrong result, insofar as this result is caused by the wrong information regarding the User found in the Accounts of Third Sites. The User is liable for the constant updating of the information available in the Accounts of Third Sites.

4. Authentication by digital fingerprint

4.1. The authentication by digital fingerprint may be used on devices which have the authentication by digital fingerprint incorporated, minimum iPhone 5S with a minimum operation system iOS8 and on devices with Android operation system, minimum version 6.0. The company does not process by any means the details of the digital fingerprints stored in the Users’ devices, this serving only for activating algorithms from the Pago App which allows the identification of the User.

4.2. This type of authentication ensures the security degree allowed by the supplier to this authentication solution. More details about the authentication by digital fingerprint may be found:

in the case of iOS operation systems: here;
in the case of Android operation systems: here.

4.3. The Company assumes no liability and makes no recommendations as regards the use of a certain type of authentication to the damage of the authentication system based on the PIN code, or vice versa.

4.4. The User is exclusively liable for the use of the authentication by digital fingerprint and the consequences of any unauthorized authentication using this type of authentication.

41. The recommendation feature of the Pago App to the user’s contacts

41.1 Company will generate for every user of the Pago App a unique alphanumeric code (formed from numbers and letters), which will be associated only to that User and which that User can distribute to their contacts from their phone’s contact list. For the avoidance of any doubt, the User is not obliged to distribute this code, while the distribution of the unique code will not lead to activating features of the App which would be otherwise unavailable to that User.

41.2 The User can receive, in relation to their activity of distributing the unique code attached to their account in the Pago App, a number of Pago Points (in accordance with the Rules described here), as long as the User takes the following cumulative actions:

the User distributes the unique code attached to their Pago account to their contacts;
one of the User’s contacts installs the Pago App, as a result of using the link distributed by the User, which contains the unique code attached to the user’s Pago account;
following installing the Pago App as per point (b) above, the new User connects an Available Supplier and pays a bill issued by that supplier.

41.3 The unique code attached to the Pago account of every User is available in the Invite friend in Pago section and can be distributed to anyone and to an unlimited number of the User’s contacts. For new Users who have taken the actions described in art. 41.2 points (a) and (b), the User who distributed their unique code (which resulted in the App being installed by the new User), will be able to see, in the Invite your friends in Pago section, the fact that the new Users have not paid a bill, having the option to send them a notification.

5. Changes of the Terms

5.1. The Terms may be modified by the Company. Each time we make modifications, the User will be notified in this sense when accessing the Pago App and will be asked for the express consent about accepting such Terms. Additionally, The Users will be notified (via e-mail) of the amendments to the Terms at least 14 (fourteen) days in advance of their entry into force

5.2. The Users may access, within the Pago App, the Terms in their latest version, at any moment.

6. The Limitation of liability

6.1. The Company makes constant efforts for keeping the Application in function. Nevertheless, due to technical reasons or to some technical updates, it is possible that the Application does not function in certain moments. In these situations, the Company will communicate these aspects to the Users, when the Users access the Application.

6.2. Nevertheless, the Company does not assume the liability in any situation for any damage caused directly or indirectly or for any direct or indirect loss of profit, suffered following the use or interruption of using the services offered by the Pago App.

6.3. The payments made by means of the Pago App are processed according to the information from the notification displayed by the Application to the User, after making the payment. Each payment is registered with the date of the day when the payment was made by the User, irrespective of the date when the amount is collected by the recipient Agreed Supplier or by the Company (with regards to the Subscription fees). The Company will not be liable for any prejudice or damage which might occur due to the delayed payments made through the Pago App or following the inappropriate functioning of the Pago App, due to objective circumstances.

6.4 The Pago App makes available for the Users answers to frequent questions which may result from using the Application. At the same time, the Users may contact the Company at any time during the use of the Application to send questions about any aspect from the Application. In this context, the Company is not liable for the possible prejudice caused by the inappropriate use of the Pago App.

7. The applicable law

The Terms, as well as any contractual obligation deriving from or in relation with them, will be construed according to the Polish laws. Any disputes related to the use of the Pago App and of these Terms, shall be settled before the competent courts of the Company’s seat.

8. Third-party websites

The Pago App and the Site contain links to other websites, for whose content the Company is not liable. Accessing these websites is made according to the terms and conditions of each website. The Company is not liable for the content of these websites.

9. The intellectual property

The Company is the title holder of all the rights over the content of the Pago App and of the Site (including, but not limited to images, texts, trademarks, logo, web graphic elements, scripts, applications and databases). It is forbidden the use of any elements of content regarding the Pago Application and/or the Site, without the prior written consent of the Company.